Financial Council and Parish Advisory Councils

Financial Council

Appointments to this committee by the Administrator/Pastor are for three-year terms. Beginning in 2021 membership will be on a rotation so that every year new members are coming on. Anyone interested in being named to the Finance Committee will be invited to submit their name to the Fr. Daniel in the last quarter of each year.

George Haddad – Chair
Mark Cancilla
Jeff Cantarella
Lisa Cantarella
George Diehl
Meg Skowron
Paul Clark – ex officio

Click here to  see The Annual Report for 2023

Parish Advisory Council

The Parish Council is responsible to assist the Pastor with the pastoral life and community building ministries of the parish and is to reflect the diversity of the whole parish membership. Members of the Parish Council will actively work towards bringing programming, activities and enhance the pastoral ministries of the parish.  Individuals demonstrate a spirit of collaboration. The Parish Council will begin meeting in September of 2023. Nominations for the Parish Council will be accepted beginning April 23, 2023.  Individuals who are nominated will be notified of their nomination and given an opportunity to accept or decline the nomination. Look for the nomination box in the back of the Church along with nomination slips.

Josie Buzzanco
Michael Callahan
Michelle Cancilla
Dennis Dermody
Patrice Dermondy
Michelle Henderson- DRE
Jhon Hernandez
Paul Mays
Jackie Mercado
Mary Quinto

Click here to view Diocesan Parish Finance Charter.