St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church
89 Briggs Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 01201
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Beginning in August 2021, appointments to this committee by the Administrator/Pastor are for three-year terms. Beginning in 2021 membership will be on a rotation so that every year new members are coming on. Anyone interested in being named to the Finance Committee will be invited to submit their name to the Fr. Daniel in the last quarter of each year. Membership is determined to reflect the diversity of the parish, not economic expertise.

Financial Council

George Haddad – Chair
Mark Cancilla
Jeff Cantarella
Lisa Cantarella
George Diehl
Paul Clark – ex officio

Parish Advisory Council

Beginning in May 2022, the Parish Advisory Counsel is replaced with an Open Advisory Counsel. This model of parish engagement will allow all parishioners to participate in discussions impacting the life of the parish using  New England ‘town hall’ style meetings. These meetings will take place at least twice a year after each of the Masses on a given weekend. Several week prior to the meeting a comment box will be available for parishioners to raise issues of their concern in addition to questions that may come up during the meetings. The parish will also continue the use of the annual Parish Satisfaction Survey to assure parishioners are engaged and satisfied with the spiritual/pastoral/business management of St. Charles Borromeo.

Click here to view Diocesan Parish Finance Charter.