This is your church, and we all thank you for your commitment of supporting St. Charles Parish. You are our main source of income; that through your generosity we are able to maintain and survive here.

To briefly summarize, the Finance Council’s immediate and five-year projections:

  • Fix the south and north wall of the church (est. $845,000)
  • Repair the retaining wall on the north side of the property
  • New sidewalks and repair the parking lot (est. $21,200)
  • Weatherization of buildings (church, convent & rectory) This project is through the recommendation of CET, who will sponsor/pay 90% of the project, done efficiently, (est. $42,458)
  • Handicap ramp to the convent (est. $18,000)
  • Painting and a new floor in our church

For these and all the other continued programs and events that take place at St. Charles Parish, we appreciate all your generosity and support.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver.

Thank you!!