For grade 9, the Confirmation Preparation Classes are on Sunday evenings from 5pm-7:00pm twice a month. These classes include presentations, group discussions, prayer and end with Mass.


  • Prayer: Foundational to your time of preparation is prayer. Personal prayer is your ongoing dialogue with God. Take the time to grow in relationship with him. Talk to him, listen to him, follow his lead. An essential aspect to our prayer life is communal prayer, especially the sacraments. Join in Mass every weekend and holy day. Go to Confession. If you are ill seek out the sacrament of Anointing. God’s grace is freely given. Plug into that grace.
  • Service: Every Catholic, indeed every Christian, is called to be a person of service. Because this is your confirmation year, we want to make that service concrete so we are asking you track it on the “Confirmation Service Hours” Sheet. 15 hours of service is required (5 within the parish, 5 outside the parish and 5 from either within or outside), but please don’t look at this as a hoop to jump through. Immerse yourself in service, make it a part of your life. It can be a place of grace and growth for the rest of your life. If you need ideas, talk to Fr. Daniel or Mrs. Michelle. Service hours are logged on the Service Sheet.
  • Faith Formation – Classes & Retreat: Our Confirmation classes and the retreat are designed to help you grow in faith as we approach Confirmation. We ask you to attend, and even more importantly participate in, the classes leading up to Confirmation. If you cannot attend a class, you will be required to do the work at home. A retreat is also scheduled. Everyone is required to attend the retreat

Confirmation Name: There is no requirement to choose a new name at Confirmation. But many take this time to do so. It must be a religious name. Some choose the name of a saint or angel (e.g. Francis or Catherine or Michael or Gabriel, etc.). Others choose a virtue (Faith or Charity, etc.). This is a time to ask a saint to watch over you in a special way or to set a path for your spiritual walk. It can also be a time to confirm the name your parent’s gave you at Baptism. Whatever name you chose, we want to know why and encourage you to think about it a little more in depth. Look up your patron saint and tell us a little about his/her life. Research the virtue, describe what it is and what it means to you. In the end, God knows us by name and calls us in love to be his ambassadors to the world.

Confirmation Sponsor: It is a great honor and a privilege to be a Confirmation Sponsor. It is also an important responsibility. You may choose to confirm one of your godparents as your Confirmations Sponsor or you may want to choose someone new. Make your choice someone who inspires you and will support you in your life of faith. A Confirmation Sponsor must be 1) a Confirmed Catholic at least 18 years old, 2) a registered and active parishioner at their local parish and 3) attending Mass on a regular basis. They cannot be your parents (although if your Confirmation Sponsor cannot attend the liturgy of Confirmation, your parent can act as a proxy).

Confirmed in the Spirit

Confirmation Preparation

Grades 10 – 12

This culminating year of study, prayer and service invites the young adult to make a personal commitment to follow Christ through a life guided by a personal relationship with God, the precepts of the sacramental life of the Church and service to humankind As a Gospel witness each person is invited to proclaim a firm belief in God’s saving love and be confirmed in God’s Spirit.

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