Dear Friends,

This past holiday season we suspended our parish-sponsored Monday night BINGO to allow our faithful volunteers free time and, also, to provide time for me to evaluate the games in terms of our parish mission. This I have done.

I have surveyed our financial advisors and staff members as well as parishioners who often assume leadership roles in church activities and, of course, in random conversations. You often note in our bulletin the need for more volunteers and for bakers. Ironically, our parish BINGO has become more of a burden than a parish gathering and fund-raising activity. Few players at this time have a parish connection or a sense of our church environment and mission. Sadly, our parish hall has not been available to parish families at the time of their bereavement if a funeral falls on a Monday. Other parish activities have had to accommodate our Monday Bingo activity.

These and other pastoral considerations have prompted me to the following decision:

BINGO has been discontinued permanently here at St. Charles.

We are all indebted to those who began this activity, to those who devoted years of service and to those who have been so faithful up to the present time. Thank you to each and to all. You have been a vital part of the best of our goals and mission.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rev. Peter A. Gregory, Pastor